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Classic F-777, but cleaner! gj

I guess you like the chilling atmospheric feel on this song this is why im rating 5, because u did that. Other than that, and personal taste aside you did some great work, slow pace, clean sounds, a bit repetitive but that's how these songs are I don't blame you. good work =)

NZhuravel123 responds:

Thank you! :)
I don't typically make this style of music but I thought I could create something ambient for once. More atmosphere oriented I guess. I imagine this being primarily used as background music or a soundtrack for something.
Again thanks so much for the review! :D

xDXDXDXDXDXDXDDDDDD sounds good, lacks a bit in terms of sounds, many empty spots you could fill ;)

nice song bro, keep it up!

Really basic and lack of bass frequencies, but trying out vocaloid seems pretty interesting and robotic vocals kinda made it cool for me, wp

Nice vibes, it has a good and mysterious feel, the ambient sounds are pretty good, just try to be a bit smoother when you introduce new sounds or change the instruments. About F-777 shit talking i don't have anything to say, he likes to leave reviews i give you that, but holding grudges against other producers won't help anyone

DarkInRed responds:

Ok man, thanks, in any case I will not worry about that...

No F-777 review shit talking about me and my fake stats again? I am disappointed in him

Nice chilly and catchy song btw

@DarkInRed Yes I know it's not this one, but i am just curious if he is gonna comment on this one too about me

Can this dude do something bad for once? Guess not

The second drop was beautiful, and how you scaled up the notes, my only complaint is 3:17 probably because it sounds bad, maybe at this point you should make some kind of effect if you wanted to keep the note that way, or maybe reduce the bass or whatever.,, GJ

I am so glad you reuploaded this, having remixed your song about 4-5 times, I would say this is some beautiful work of art, not just a song! And your original mix is... original! I am actually so happy about that song listening to it gives me chills ^^

I was producing under the name TastyTeo since 2010-2011, and now I wanted to continue my productions under this new name, the reason I started this is because of my old YouTube account TastyTeo being hacked ...

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