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- Oh shit,
- Oh human
hahahahah made me cry!

You actually trolled me I thought he was gonna cut his own balls man

Friggin' amazing!

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not bad, again the sweeps need some work, the chords are so happy and don't give a nightmare feeling, the sounds may be a bit evil but really gives more of an uplifting happy feel. i like the bass in this particular one, some sounds are very crispy and need eq because my ears hurt, other than that it's pretty easy going and chilling.

HighStatsMob responds:

thank u speTheof grats on dark archmage getting popular

This is actually pretty interesting, You are just starting out so I can't be that harsh! I would clarify this as an ambient mixed with industrial but probably experimental would fit both. Now, as far as i can see you like to play with noises and white noise in general, but you can EQ with some equalizer (Parametric EQ 2) and cut the high frequencies a bit to make it sound more clear and not that crispy, you could probably add sidechain on the sounds, so it would make the kick pumpier and obviously add some melodies! more variety, currently it has a good dark feeling as a song, but you have to add more and more, chords, progressions, etc

HighStatsMob responds:

sidechaining, got it. thanks for the lengthy input, and thanks for listening :)

I guess you like the chilling atmospheric feel on this song this is why im rating 5, because u did that. Other than that, and personal taste aside you did some great work, slow pace, clean sounds, a bit repetitive but that's how these songs are I don't blame you. good work =)

NZhuravel123 responds:

Thank you! :)
I don't typically make this style of music but I thought I could create something ambient for once. More atmosphere oriented I guess. I imagine this being primarily used as background music or a soundtrack for something.
Again thanks so much for the review! :D

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That's actually pretty good, can you send me a 1920x1080 so I can use for wallpaper?

EnNinja responds:

I fix my dude

I was producing under the name TastyTeo since 2010-2011, and now I wanted to continue my productions under this new name, the reason I started this is because of my old YouTube account TastyTeo being hacked ...

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