100+ Fans =D

2017-02-12 18:54:12 by SpeTheof

I see people started liking my stuff, keep it up fans! Thanks for your support, next goal is 200!

50 Fans :D

2015-06-16 13:36:45 by SpeTheof

Hi, thanks for following my music guys and supporting me, with you I could reach 50 fans!

I have a YouTube Channel under the same name, subscribe there too!

Cheers and thanks again!

New song, please vote :D

2015-02-25 03:03:57 by SpeTheof

Just finished one of the classic's you always loved, here you go


Take care


Hey everyone, most of you probably know me as "TastyTeo" or "DJTheof" or maybe "Technoplasmatic". I just wanted to let you know that my main channel on YouTube is SpeTheof now (of course i will be publishing music on the technoplasmatic channel, but i don't produce only techno xD) since TastyTeo was hacked on YouTube i decided to open this one and since I just want to use this name for my future accounts,

My TastyTeo account on newgrounds will exist but I guess I will be posting my new stuff here.