Entry #1

First Post! TastyTeo's New Account

2015-01-10 18:53:22 by SpeTheof

Hey everyone, most of you probably know me as "TastyTeo" or "DJTheof" or maybe "Technoplasmatic". I just wanted to let you know that my main channel on YouTube is SpeTheof now (of course i will be publishing music on the technoplasmatic channel, but i don't produce only techno xD) since TastyTeo was hacked on YouTube i decided to open this one and since I just want to use this name for my future accounts,

My TastyTeo account on newgrounds will exist but I guess I will be posting my new stuff here.


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2015-01-11 01:01:33

Can't you ask the mods to change the name on your other acct?

SpeTheof responds:

I don't want to, I wanna make a fresh new start


2015-01-12 04:01:32


SpeTheof responds:

=D !!